Promises Promises

23 Jun

Sorry about the constant heavy Incubus references, I cannot hide my excitement for the upcoming “If Not Now, When” album. My life is sort of in a parallel universe where I am living my dreams (breathing city air, working for money!!, spending it on concerts, good bars and The Uncanny X-Men comics) after a long haul in a black hole called engineering in Purdue. But life always has promises…

This year has been good on us. We actually had some “rock” releases after an abysmal last year where the only good stuff it can claim is FOXY SHAZAM finally having its major record label debut, and Jimmy Eat World returning to mainstream music. This year’s lineup so far and most anticipated:

1. Death Cab For Cutie (Codes and Keys) – What would I do for the whiny years if they didn’t fill its soundtrack? Great great album, must buy!!

2. Eddie Vedder (Ukulele Songs) – Cover songs sung by God himself’
Check back next week I will review him live

3. We are Augustines (Rise Ye Sunken ships) – The next best thing. Heavily played in all existential gatherings.

4. Coldplay (are we releasing yet?)

5. Incubus (duh!!!)

6. Sum 41 (Screaming Bloody Murder) Yay!! They are back and much better than their average last album

7. Foo Fighters (Wasting light)Brilliant.. Still digging inspiration from troubles of Nirvana.. I hate having to miss their first time at Lollapalooza

8. Flogging Molly (Speed of Darkeness)

I am such a junkie

9. Radiohead (The King of Limbs)
I didn’t understand this album, I am mesmerized by some tracks and I get a headache listening to the others.

10. The Strokes (Angles) : Stellar comeback, the funniest and coolest band on the block ..

No we will not include the pathetic Yellowcard album ‘When you’re through thinking, say yes’. It is only meant for adolescent emo teenage boys trying badly to sound cool. I am sorry if I left some albums out of this list (most notably My Morning Jacket’s new one), it is just my pick. Feel free to share yours in comments. But these are must haves for any alternative enthusiast, especially since we saved our money last year. I will not include Lady Gaga in any of my lists, if you want to listen to some phoren favorites go here at your own risk.

This summer has been heavy, but my favorite part of Chicago : Public Transport! Long travel time my Bombay buds know of = Time to listen to ipod!! Watching the Skyline follow you with a soundtrack! Art Institute, Sky Deck.. So lessons learnt from the best of this year so far complied in a to-do list because sometimes actions are better than words :

• Enjoy the weather : I am trying to enjoy the terrible heat, you can enjoy the rains, or snow wherever you are by going for a long walk to the closest coffee shop listening only to Death Cab for Cutie albums. Believe me it will change you forever… Maybe add the new Coldplay single Every Teardrop is a Waterfall to that.

• Go watch Xmen : First Class, Kung Fu Panda 2 or Green Lantern any superhero movie you care to see, watch it even if you have seen it as a child, know the whole story, think its done to death. Do it coz it will give you a chance to believe in promises that we tend to forget and ignore. You deserve to feel like a superhero for a whole day after you remember how good it feels…

• Don’t solve all your problems with bigger problems!! Find easy solutions, get organized, get excited.. Be the Cheerleader you never had a chance to be/date. Do it for yourself, coz you know you need more than caffeine in your vacation..

• Go have a drink. I mean it.. Not necessarily in a bar, not necessarily alcohol. Just have water for all I care but finish it in one straight gulp. And when the glass is down, let go of any baggage you are carrying. Emotional, physical, psychological, all of it, feel like Dave Grohl cutting you free in the Foo Fighters lyric in ‘Walk ‘from their new album :

I never wanna die..
I am dancing on my grave, I am running through the fire,
Forever, whenever I never wanna die..

• Stay young and go dancing. Download the list I have posted and have a ball.. DON’T STEAL MUSIC!!

Follow the white rabbit : anushreejazzz

If you are curious about the name and have not figured it out yet :

It’s not fate that took us all by storm,
It’s just a turn of a chord
–Silverstein (Call it Karma)

Anushree is going to watch Incubus live in the Charter One Pavillion, Chicago on Aug 21st.. Wish you were here..


3 Responses to “Promises Promises”

  1. Amey Kanse June 23, 2011 at 3:20 am #

    I plan to listen Codes and Keys on my Ladakh trip!

    And I am eagerly awaiting the new Incubus album. If not now, when?– Just the album name has raised my expectations.

    Anushree is going to watch Incubus live in the Charter One Pavillion, Chicago on Aug 21st.. Wish you were here..


  2. Kunal June 23, 2011 at 5:29 am #

    Please review the Strokes’ new album!!

    • anushreejazzz June 23, 2011 at 8:08 pm #

      @Amey : I know right?
      @Kunal : Its good.. But kind of old to review on this blog. (It released in March)

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